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Marco Musso was born in Bellano (Lecco) on 08/10/1974.Ten years is close to experiencing the world of communication with the camera and started to play on television what appeared to be interesting but passive. After attending and graduating electronics technician specializing in telecommunications approaches to communication completely. Start the first to make his first mounting in linear audiovisual products from VHS to VHS, learning the logic of time, editing and grammar editing. He then goes to the creation of music videos and original short films on a theme. In 1996 SVHS realized in the first short film "El Me Milan." An experimental documentary about the city that aims to raise a new point of view, that of an outcast, a "Clochard" that truly lives and the city in person, from every point of view. The short circuit is distributed through all the Italian festivals getting rave reviews.In 1996 Rai lands in order to follow the 96/97 edition of the Magazine "TGR - Europe" taking care of editing and compositing BETA-BETA and Avid. Features of the combination waseastern part of a classic style and clean graphics experimental, documentary services / news with video clips.At the same time deals with the realization of the TV program "Global" broadcast by Italian many local broadcasters. Language of young and fast, based on the logic of the video clip, transform a container program of 50 minutes in a daily appointment. In that context, Mark Musso is concerned and is responsible for the shooting in the studio, editing and graphic packaging.In 1998 he produced "Life," a short movie intense, with the collaboration of UNICEF and the LAV, which is the difficult relationship with life, with what surrounds us, between nature and society in the perennial quest for freedom, defense of life. The short, and get international exposure up to be presented at the next International Festival MED United Nations. In a short time access to all the technological equipment on the market for editing and post production (Avid Turbo-Cube, Sphere, Premiere, Final Cut, Edit Box, Henry, Inferno, Smoke, Flame, Flint). His first interest is to learn the technique, find the limits and peculiarities of each system, to be complete and prepared to choose the ideal program based on the type of work to be performed.In 2000 lands in the Blue Gold, one of the largest and best known groups of post-production in Milan commercials, music videos, documentaries and multimedia products. In short it becomes VFX Supervisor Special Effects department on-line, working with the staff to the construction of an infinite number of products for larger agencies and production houses.Among the most important clients Leo Burnett, Y & R, Mercury Milan Film Festival, BRW, Leagas and record labels like Sony BMG, Universal, Warner. In 2002, realizes the short movie "shadow" (From Shade) personally shot on 35mm and post-production with special effects and Henry hell. The sound is made in column 5.1.Always mindful of the implementation of special effects and audio-visual does not hide his fondness for music videos. An example is the mounting fears of the video "Another day without you" or the video "A town to sing", mounting hours of filming a video clip of the backstage and Nonin live "Four on tour" Mannoia, Pino Daniele, Ron De Gregori. Or the supervision of special effects to video clips Subsonica "Custom" from director Lorenzo Vignolo, supervision and implementation of the 13 video clips that have formed the backdrop to movable screens, tour Laura Pausini 2005.In 2006, approaching the world of the Color Grading the Quantel eQ and specializes in digital color correction. Examples are video clips of Heller's "Nothing to Lose" thought of as the film Sin City.In December 2007 he was invited to participate in MTV's TRL by submitting the video of Avril Lavigne "Everything Back But You" made all their video editing uniting officers and details of time to shoot.A passion for photography and creates a picture book with poems and pictures their "Emotion".In September of 2007 makes the format for the TV show "Stardust" by devising a new way of looking at the characters of the show, dressed by Renato Zero for the realization of the zero point.In 2008 he produced "A New Ortolanda Fantasy World by Mark Musso" a promotional video to become a TV product.In April 2008 she participated in the contest with Armani Sex VideoOn 23 October 2008 she participated in the contest of Universal making a video for the song Jovanotti Safari REMIX ( 2009 he published his first book of poems and reflections called "Tears from Heaven" which soon reaches the national circulation at the Feltrinelli 2009, carries out the live aerial shots of Laura Bono, a video of Nick Stevens, "You have taken up residence in Mexico", the video of Laura Bono "That's it," video documentary by Diego Spanish "Attach & Party"In June 2009 he won the Nokia Trends Lab with the video "Colors" and his video goes in rotation every day throughout the month of July on MTV.On 18 September 2009 his poem "The secret treasure chest" is read directly from the issuer radio journalist, radio RCM101 Giorgia Trojans.In 2010, realizes the short movie "Choice" violence against women. Special features of the video is the shot in HD at 1000 fps with the Phantom, the participation of Laura Bono as the narrator of the text written by Mark Musso and original music by Mario Christmas.A photo becomes a symbol of the struggle against violence against women in NTNN page.In addition to production and post-production video, photography and poetry, in 2011 published his last work, "My emotional testament", rich and intense book of reflections, poems, song lyrics and personal views. Poems in the book stand out "Komandante of emotions" dedicated to Vasco Rossi, "Along the constellation of Bono's" dedicated to Laura Bono, "Hello Sarah" dedicated to the terrible case of Avetrana, "My emotional testament" dedicated to his son, " Suicide "dedicated to Mario Monicelli, the song" The Rock "and many other political and societal issues, including homophobia.Loving communication in all its forms, to his professional activity combines the teaching of production and video post-production at the "Academy of Performing Arts", "ACME" and "CSV".In September 2011, and 'guest in the "Offanengo film festival" to talk about cinema and special effects, the future of communication and how to get from idea to end result.In May 2011 he was invited to present his book "Tears from Heaven" to the inside of Gragnano bibblioteca civic event "One look elsewhere."
Start the year 2012 and the magazine "Cultura e Dintorni" reviews the his latest book "My Emotional Testament." (Article)
On day April 11, 2012 Marco released in deluxe format "ME - My Emotions" the second photo-poetic book that collects all the emotions in 95 pages, including photographs and excerpts of poems. Note that the book comes out even in digital e-book.
A new poetry book in June 2012 "Crescero' Domani".
On 28th june 2012 participates to the video contest for french Group INDOCHINE with video "Paradize".

The day 1 December 2012 released "Twittami", an editorial project complex that disrupts the logic of communication, poetic extracts from all his work are summarized here in twitt, quotes from 140 characters following the logic of Twitter.

Innovative is the new mode to use poetry and, as with emotion, it's based on sharing.

Each of twitt "Twittami" has a code, can 'be shared immediately on any social network, and if collected will allow you to achieve your personal poetry without being writers ... there remains only try it.

On February 19th, 2013 Mark was invited to present "Twittami" and all the previous works in an evening themed "Feel like reading and poetry" at the complex educational in Cologno Monzese Via Lombardia.

On October 23th 2013, the short film "Choice" opens the event Violets for Enza of Zeroconfini Onlus Association about the violence against women at Auditorium of the University in Milan Bicocca, in front of the rector and distinguished guests.

In 2013 created "Backlight" in defense of children and their dreams; an emotional short movie that sees the exceptional participation of national and international artists in music, dance, between experimentation and emotionalism, poetry and reality. In December 22, 2013 this work is donated to UNICEF during event "Last Tango for UNICEF."
On 20th of June "Backlight" was awarded with the First Prize "Golden Tower" in 2014 for Best Short Film at the Festival of the Image in Savona,
is recognized in numerous Film Festival and is subscript in competition at the David di Donatello Prize enough to merit an interview on the official page of the David di Donatello.
On 19th of November is published an interview made by journalist Sanja Lucic

The October 26, 2015 leaves the new poetry collection "Under a blanket of chills" that gathers three years of intense life and emotions, of dramas and joys. The book is preceded by a video presentation trailer with the story of the birth of the project and a dedicated YouTube channel to listen to the reading from the author of several steps.

The October 29, 2016 released the song "We Are Milan Ladies", anthem of the women's team of AC Milan football whose text was written by Marco Musso who also signed the direction of the official videoclip.

On the first day of spring 2018 he published his first work of fiction, published and published, "Vengo dal Mare", a melting pot of emotion and life, depth and fantasy. The world of today seen through the magical strength of a child, able to gather in his simple gestures and between his fingers the essence of life itself.
On December 25, the song "Tra Parentesi di Cielo" officially comes out, of which he signs the text for the music of Gianfranco Pedroli, with the official Italian videoclip and on 01 January 2019 with the Spanish version "Entre Paréntesis del Cielo".
On 10 January 2019 he officially joined the poetic sound library of Poetry Sound Library on the world map of poets.

Everything else belongs to the steps that daily shares as a cog in the world.

Marco Musso -!/marcomusso

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